A Study on the Common Causes of Death among the Patients of Multiple Sclerosis and Strategies to Prevent Death

K. Yogarajan1 , Sugasri Sureshkumar2

NIJ. 2022 June; 3(2): 15–20. Published online 2022 June

Abstract : This study is based on the common causes of death of patients who have facing issues due to multiple sclerosis. This study focused on different kinds of strategies to prevent the death of patients. Multiple sclerosis is a major disease when the body's immunity system can destroy the nerves. It can be responsible to break down communication between the brain and body. On the other hand, it is also responsible for developing other symptoms such as vision loss, pain, fatigue, and other major problems. Multiple sclerosis is not curable though treatment can only control all problems for a certain period. This study also highlights the patient's problems who had multiple sclerosis and also focuses on the reason for their death. It has been seen that this patient faced different kinds of problems such as movements of muscles, painful sensations, eyes, double vision, and many more. Sometimes these kinds of issues increase the disabilities and reduce activities such as they are not getting energy and strength in their hand and leg and sometimes, they also faced issues in speaking. In order to fix the issues medical authorities and professionals create some intervention plans and strategies that can help to reduce the rate of death and also try to improve their lifestyle and develop their well-being as well. This study used the secondary qualitative method to gather the data and analyze the data to get the desired outcome from research work.

Keywords : Multiple sclerosis, sexual dysfunction, nervous system, walking issues, spinal cord, prevention procedures.

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