A Review on the Causes of Stroke and Remedy to Avert Stroke

Sugasri Sureshkumar 1 , K. Yogarajan2

NIJ. 2022 June; 3(2): 8–14. Published online 2022 June

Abstract : The article is important as the article has not only discussed the causes of “ischemic stroke and haemorrhagic strokes” yet it has also discussed causes related to cardioembolic stroke, cryptogenic stroke and others within the scope of this article. The findings show that the presence of different types of diseases and medical conditions such as "Sickle cell disease", "Chagas disease", "hypertension, diabetes and others are underlying causes of stroke within the individuals. In case these diseases have been controlled then it will lead to control over strokes. The findings also illustrate that oral coagulation will not provide desired results as per averting strokes while t-PA thrombolysis has fetched positive results.

Keywords : Stroke, Ischemic stroke, Haemorrhagic stroke, atrial fibrillation, hypertension and others.

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