Responsibility of Neuromuscular Diseases in Affecting the Function of Muscles Due To Problems with the Nerves and Muscles in the Body

Dr. Harshika Gupta

NIJ. 2022 June; 3(2): 21–26. Published online 2022 June

Abstract : This article is based on the Neuromuscular disease that can be responsible for the various kinds of issues such as muscle loss, muscle weakness, and many more. This disease may occur from genetic mutation viral infections, autoimmune disorders, and metabolic disorders. This study also highlighted the process of affecting muscle functions and their connection with the body. On the other hand, this study also shed light on the impact of neuromuscular disease on the peripheral nervous system which is more essential for the body. It consists of motor and sensory nerves that can connect the entire body with the brain and spinal cord. Neuromuscular disease is also responsible for hampering the daily lifestyle and also responsible for reducing a person’s quality of life. This study has chosen a secondary qualitative method that helps to get worldwide data and also makes an impact on the whole research study. In order to apply this study helps to know about the effectiveness of neuromuscular disease. There are different types of neuromuscular diseases that make an impact on daily activities such as eating, walking, climbing, and other activities. Sometimes this disease also makes negative effects on the skill of learning. RNA proteins play a significant role in neuromuscular disease that is connected with chromosomes, genes, and DNA as well. TDP43 plays a critical role in the function of skeletal muscles and sometimes it is also responsible for neuromuscular disease.

Keywords : Neuromuscular disease, control voluntary muscles, spinal muscular atrophy, Junction of neuromuscular, NMDS, TDP43, RNA, FUS, ESW, RBP.

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