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The Neurocosm International Journal (NIJ) is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to publishing pioneering and groundbreaking research findings, outcomes, and studies being carried out by talented and gifted research scholars, academics, scientists, doctors and other professionals engaged in the disciplines of Neurology, Brain and Spine.

Neurocosm is a leading interdisciplinary journal whose sole purpose is to facilitate the dissemination of theoretical, experimental and applied research outcomes being accrued by professionals carrying out exploratory and analytical studies across all specializations of Neurology, Brain & Spine.

No Bars On Access & Author Rights

The fact that Neurocosm journal is an open-access journal means that anyone from any part of the world can gain access to entire issues at any time, by paying a visit to www.neurocosm.net Not only is there no need for one to subscribe to get access, but additionally all authors also get to hold on to the copyrights of all their published work.

Paramount Importance To Research Of The Highest Quality

Neurocosm journal is highly sought after all across the globe, because of the fact that all research published herein, is carefully vetted by a dedicated reviewing committee for its accuracy, authenticity, relevance, up-to-dateness, and significance. That is why readers of Neurocosm journal rest assured that any and all research data, outcomes, and findings that are published here, are of the highest quality.

Facilitating Speedy Publication Of Groundbreaking Research

Neurocosm is a bi-annual journal, meaning that two issues are published yearly. When it comes to submission, reviewing and publication timelines, it takes on average eight weeks between the submission of an article/paper and acceptance (after reviewing), and subsequently, about four weeks between acceptance and publication of the article/paper.

Aim & Scope

The primary objective of the Neurocosm International Journal (NIJ), popularly known as the Neurocosm journal, is to serve as a comprehensive, open-access platform that is dedicated solely to facilitating the progress and advancement of the field of Neurology, Brain & Spine Learning by -

  1. offering gifted and talented researchers engaged within the domain of Neurology, Brain & Spine a unique setting for them to get their work published and elevate their reputations/standing within the global community, as well as,
  2. providing professionals, students, academics, and scholars free access to the latest and most advanced research outcomes, findings, and studies, being carried out in the field of Neurology, Brain & Spine, all across the world.

Subject Area

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The paramount platform committed to the field of Neurology, designed to broadcast the brilliance, publishing and bringing to spectrum the light and meritorious research articles contributing to the world of Brain & Spine.

  1. 1. Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. 2. Behavioral Disorders
  3. 3. Dementia
  4. 4. Epilepsy
  5. 5. Multiple Sclerosis
  6. 6. Parkinson’s Disease
  7. 7. Psychosis
  8. 8. Stroke
  9. 9. Traumatic brain injury
  10. 10. Neurology
  11. 11. Myopathy
  12. 12. Neurodegenerative diseases
  1. 13. Neuromuscular disorders,
  2. 14. Neuropharmacology
  3. 15. Neuropsychiatry,
  4. 16. Neuropsychology
  5. 17. Neuroimmunology
  6. 18. Spinal Cord injuries
  7. 19. Neuro Oncology
  8. 20. Neuropathology
  9. 21. Neural Networks
  10. 22. Neuro-imaging
  11. 23. Neuro-ophthalmology
  12. 24. Other areas related to Neurosciences.